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About Us

City of is a private company established to assist you in exploring your global health care options. We connect patients with international hospitals in order to save them money and time. We were created as a reaction to the exorbitant prices of health care in the United States and the increasingly long wait lists of Canada and the United Kingdom.

Located in Vancouver, Canada, currently has partner hospitals in India and France and offers a wide range of surgical services, including cardiac, orthopedic, gastric and cosmetic.

What is Medical Tourism?

Simply put, medical tourism is the practice of obtaining medical services outside one's own country. Since gaining momentum in the U.K. and Europe several years ago, medical tourism has risen to be one of the world's fastest growing industries. As the quality of medical treatments in countries such as India, Thailand and Poland have grown in reputation, so has the accessibility of world-class facilities in countries such as France.

Why believes that quality, timely and affordable health care should be available to everyone. More and more people are choosing to travel abroad for medical services, but the selection of a hospital can be difficult and confusing. is proud to take the guesswork out of the equation for our patients.

View from AirplaneWe only align ourselves with international facilities that can meet our highly stringent set of criteria for professionalism, competency, cleanliness and safety. All staff at our partner hospitals must speak fluent English and provide us proof of training and insurance. For more on our partner hospital criteria, please visit our Hospital Criteria section. does not charge our patients for the services provided. We are paid by the hospitals and therefore can negotiate a much better price than one could negotiate on their own. In addition to arranging surgery, can organize flights, hotels, site-seeing and help with passport and visa applications. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our patients.

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Our Commitment is committed to providing you with the opportunity to choose the destination, facility and date of your surgery. There are no wait lists with

We are dedicated to the continued development of partnerships with international facilities, thereby offering our patients a wider range of destinations and medical services.

Rest assured, adheres to the highest level of confidentiality and personal attention to our patients.

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Our Team is comprised of professional and knowledgeable individuals with experience and expertise in international relations, communications, marketing and customer service. It is our team's cooperative efforts and collective skills that give its competitive edge.

CustomerService Rep

International Relations

This department is responsible for the development, management and direction of our relationships with international health professionals, medical facilities, governments and organizations. Our goal is to open the boarders between nations so that quality health care is accessible and available to everyone.

Communications & Marketing boasts a dynamic communications and marketing team. Their progressive ideas and forward outlook on our industry's potential translates into the success of our partnerships, thereby strengthening our international client base. This department covers media, advertising, e-commerce, communications and market research.

Patient Care Center prides itself in providing personal attention and quality care for all our patients. Our patient care coordinators facilitate the communication and scheduling between our patients and the selected facility. Each coordinator is highly trained in the process and are able to address all of our patient's questions and concerns.

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