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Our Commitment To Your Safety

doctor holding patient's handYour trust is extremely important to us. That is why is working hard to earn an outstanding reputation for our commitment to patient safety.

Our partner facilities undergo an exhaustive assessment process to ensure our clients will be receiving the best care possible.

Here is a brief overview of some of the criteria we use to identify the right facilities and medical professionals for our clients:

Health & Safety Expectations will only partner with medical facilities which meet or exceed North American standards for cleanliness, safety, professionalism and competency.

In fact, many of our international partners were born and/or educated in Canada, the USA, or the United Kingdom. That means they insist on the same professional health care standards you do.

Clear Communication

We ensure our partners can converse with our clients in fluent English at all stages of patient contact, from the nurses making the beds to the surgeons in the operating rooms. is also fully committed to facilitating the best possible post-operative care for our clients. That is why we maintain clear channels of communication between your family physician and our international surgeons before and after your procedure.

Modern Equipment & New Technologies

We regularly consult with international health professionals to ensure that our partner facilities are making use of modern equipment and the latest medical technologies.


We take considerable steps to verify the education, training and qualifications of our international surgeons and anesthetists with their respective universities and applicable professional associations.

Our partners must provide with written documentation from the applicable regulatory agencies and/or professional associations verifying the qualifications of all medical professionals.

Insurance & Credibility requires our partners to maintain valid insurance policies protecting clients receiving surgical procedures and/or medical treatment. Wherever possible, we specifically seek partnerships with facilities that have been approved by international health organizations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield International.

Site Inspections often insists on routine inspections of our international partner facilities. Our inspection criteria includes: standards of sanitation, infection control and hygiene protocols, disposal of waste and sharps, food preparation and quality, and security and safety for staff and patients.

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