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October 16, 2007

Medical Travel Tips

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What is a medical vacation?

A medical vacation is the act of traveling to another country for quality healthcare. Did you know that many countries around the world offer a variety of affordable medical, surgical, and dental treatments with no waiting lists? By exploring your options overseas, you’ll not only take the vacation of a lifetime but you’ll receive the medical treatments you deserve.

Tips for Planning Your Medical Vacation

  1. Research the Medical Facilities

    The first tip is to carefully research the different destinations and their medical facilities. Medical vacation websites are great places to collect information from. You can read the blogs, forums, and the user reviews of each that you research. Contacting people who have experienced medical tourism will give you more confidence towards your own trip. Ask those people on their views about whatever hospital or dental clinic you want to visit. You can check the accreditation, mortality rate, success rate, educational background of physicians, nurse: patient ratio, and medical history of each establishment as well.

  2. Research the Medical Destination

    It is strongly advised to research the country before you embark on a medical vacation. Gather information on the country’s background (history), criminal activity, climate, facilities, places of interest, culture, and customs. Keep in mind that many popular medical tourism destinations are in developing countries, and thus, they often have less infrastructure and fewer conveniences. Some medical tourists are not always prepared to cope with the culture shock that they sometimes experience when they travel abroad for the first time.

  3. Contact a Medical Travel Website

    The selection of a hospital overseas can be difficult and confusing. That’s why many tourists avoid the hassle and deal with a reputable online medical tourism company. These companies were created as a reaction to the exorbitant prices of health care in the United States and the increasingly long wait lists of Canada and the United Kingdom. The right company will help you plan and create your vacation itinerary, giving you the opportunity to choose the destination, facility and date of your surgery.

    Make sure you also ask how much time you should allot for your trip (including recovery), since this information will be very important when booking your flight.

    The following are important questions you should ask before agreeing to anything.

    • Who exactly will be performing the operation or medical treatment?
    • What medical qualifications, certification, and experience do they have?
    • What accrediting body certified the medical facility?
    • What is the international hospital’s success rate for this procedure?
    • What internationally agreed standards does the medical facility meet, and are their inspection reports available for your review?
    • What nursing and administrative support is available before, during, and after your treatment?
    • What liability will the overseas medical facility assume in the event of negligence or accidents?
    • What accommodations are available before, during, and after your treatment?
    • What happens if the treatment is incomplete or unsuccessful?
    • What party or parties are financially responsible if follow-up visits are required?

MedSolution is your passport to a world of safe and affordable healthcare options. For a complete list of medical services and medical tourism destinations please visit Or call our toll-free number 1-800-984-0457 to speak with a patient care coordinator.

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