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Sao Paolo, Brazil

Every year, people flock to Brazil because it offers something for every kind of traveler, whether it be surf, sights, stimulating nightlife or savory food.

For beachgoers, Brazil is the place to be, with over 4500 miles of tropical coastline, providing sandy beaches, blue skies, hot sun and warm, azure waves.

To those with an aversion to sunbathing, there are plenty of things to do for everyone. Brazil is a year-round paradise laced with lush, green landscapes and dotted with beautifully preserved colonial towns.

São Paulo is not only the largest city in South America, but it is the city of cities—housing many different nationalities. As a result, its many restaurants offer delicious cuisines for every palate. São Paulo also offers an exciting nightlife with dance clubs, cafés, cinemas, theaters and lively music.

If you have an affinity for culture, take note, as São Paulo boasts of being the country’s cultural capital, housing many museums (Ipiranga Museum), cultural centers, historical buildings (Nossa Senhora da Luz Church—Our Lady of the Light), parks (Ibirapuera Park) and street markets.

Your stay will also be enhanced due to the lively, friendly Brazilian people. São Paulo is also relatively close to Rio de Janeiro, offering a 45-minute flight from city to city.

Surrender to the beauty that is Brazil. You will never forget it.

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