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India is emerging rapidly as a leading global healthcare destination, offering multi-specialty hospitals with a modern infrastructure, qualified doctors and surgeons. The state of Gujarat is establishing a medical tourism council to develop policies to govern medical tourism, ensuring accreditation of service providers and provision of high quality healthcare.

India is as varied in religion, language, customs, and art as it is in topography. Its vast landscape includes mountains, desert, foothills, valleys, rain forest, and sandy beaches. It consists of 26 states and lies in south Asia between China, Pakistan, and Nepal. India is a land of mythological and historical figures, religous pilgramge, and savory cuisine. It is a country alive with colorful, vibrant festivals filled with dance and song.

MedSolution has partnered with one of India's leading medical facilities, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. One of India's most industrialized states, Gujarat is rich in cultural heritage and is adorned with beautiful temples. These houses of Gods attract thousands of devote followers every year. Gujarat is a diversity of people from varied cultural and religous heritage, who unite in the pride felt for their beloved state. The diversity and inherent unity of the people of Gujarat can be experienced through their art, music, literature, cuisine, and religous traditions. Gujarat has a number of attractions worth visiting, but it is known for its glorious temples. There are almost 3,500 fairs and festivals celebrated each year in Gujarat. They are an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the diverse cultural and religious identity of the people of Gujarat


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