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Wroclaw, Poland

Located to the east of Germany, and bordered by several Slavic countries, Poland is a land filled with northern beaches, pristine lakes, delightful rivers, dense forests and lovely mountains—a real paradise for those who love nature, hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing or photography. Poland is also deeply rooted in the performing arts, with the larger cities offering a wide range of musical and theatrical programs.

An old city with much history, Wroclaw has many historical sites to offer the traveler. One need only to stroll along the Royal route—a thoroughfare lined by beautiful palaces (Lazienki and Wilanów), churches, houses, statues and parks (Lazienki) to see some of its beauty.

It also has an impressive cultural scene with its many museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls and nightclubs. However, the most enchanting part of Wroclaw is “old town”, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its cobblestone streets, hidden nooks and charming gothic and baroque architecture. Closed off to traffic, it is ideal for walks, resting or horse drawn carriage rides. The heart of this area is the Old Town Market Square, with its traditional Polish restaurants, quaint cafes, enticing shops, street vendors and street artists.

For history buffs, make sure to visit the Jewish Ghetto, the Jewish Historic Museum, Jewish Cemetery and Path of Remembrance. Also worth visiting is the birthplace of Chopin in Zelazowa Wola—a tiny village 60 km west of Wroclaw.

Come and visit Wroclaw and take a walk through centuries gone by. The experience will become a part of your own history.

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