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South Africa

Set upon the southern coast of the African continent, South Africa is a subtropical country filled with rugged mountains, lush river valleys, and big skies. South Africa is also a culturally diverse country one nation made up of many peoples.

Johnannesburg is in the northern part of the country and offers what most generally consider to be the best medical facilities in the country, and some of the best in the world. A number of pioneering medical "firsts" have been performed in South Africa.

Jo'Burg is a large metropolis and closest to Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. Johannesburg is close to game farms and safaris, and has everything a city has to offer, except the ocean. For that, you must go to Cape Town.

The "Gold Coast" west of Cape Town is in a real estate development boom. The city itself boasts the famous backdrop of Table Mountain, and its location affords visitors the opportunity of seeing the sun rise in one ocean, and set in another. Cape Town is also the wine capital of South Africa, producing fine wines for export.

Cape Town has many wonderful things to offer travelers such as hiking, swimming, sunbathing, boating and golfing. There are museums (South African Museum), art galleries (South African National Gallery), theatres and historical sites (Castle of Good Hope, Bo Kaap) to visit. There is also great shopping especially for colorful African art, crafts and clothing.

Nature enthusiasts can view ancient rock paintings, visit wild life reserves, national parks (Cape Mountain National Park), a UNESCO world Heritage site where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned (Robben Island), or enjoy the wildlife on land or in water. If you are lucky, you might be able to watch seals or penguins relax on the beach, or whales and silvery dolphins jumping out of the waves. Take a safari tour to see leopards, rhino, giraffes, kingly lions and majestic elephants.

This ancient land of wilderness, exotic animals and ancient treasures awaits you. Come and enjoy it.

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