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MedSolution opens doors to medical treatments, elective or urgent, around the world. MedSolution connects people to accredited facilities to save you time and money. Signing our disclaimer clarifies our role as marketing liaisons to international medical facilities. Our role is to offer you different treatment packages and present you with the option of combining a medical procedure with a vacation bundle. Your healthcare choices are ultimately your responsibility. You will need to make sure your doctor approves your travel plans. Further, you are fully aware of the risks involved in your type of treatment and take full ownership, agree to, and understand that the final decision is yours. Your local family physician may confirm your condition but it is up to you to determine how long you choose to wait or how much you choose to pay for a medical treatment.


We use the latest internet security and encryption technology in order to protect your privacy. All personal information given to MedSolution will remain private and will not be sold, loaned, or exchanged to any third party or outside entity. This does not apply to the practice of companies that MedSolution does not own or control, or to individuals that MedSolution does not employ or manage. Your private details are treated with the upmost confidence.

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