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Facilities in El Salvador

MedSolution is North America's exclusive provider of dental tourism services to the clinic of Dr. Rafael Lorenzana in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Dr. Rafael Lorenzana

Dr Rafael Lorenzana is the only USA-Board Certified Prosthodontist (implant specialist) in El Salvador and one of just two in all of Latin America.

He holds two dental degrees, and taught dentistry at the Baylor College of Dentistry in Texas for many years. He also practiced dentistry in Dallas, Texas for 12 years before returning to El Salvador.

For the best quality, Dr Lorenzana imports his dental materials and modern equipment from USA and Germany.

Yet his affordable prices reflect the lower cost of living in El Salvador. This means you receive some of the best value in dental care to be found anywhere, with the convenience of the same time zone as USA and Canada, and just a short flight away.

Dr. Lorenzana is committed to continuing education and stays up to date with the latest techniques, materials and equipment. He regularly attends international conferences and has published articles in prestigious medical journals.

His experience and knowledge is complemented by a caring and friendly staff at his comfortable and safe clinic. It is located in one of the best parts of the capital city San Salvador, just a few blocks from a 4-star American hotel.

“My husband and I have traveled to El Salvador for the last eight years to get our dental work done by Dr. Rafael Lorenzana. We have found him to be an excellent dentist, much better than we can get in the United States .  In fact, my dentist in the United States complemented me on my dental work and when I told him who had done this work and where, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my U.S. dentist not only knew of him, but had actually received seminars from Dr. Lorenzana.   He has state of the art equipment and uses only the best materials in his practice.   I can't think of a better dentist for us.”

- Anna McNeill, USA


Many other testimonials are available. Dr. Lorenzana also has a long history of performing dental work for the US Peace Corps and citizens who travel from USA and Canada.

Contact MedSolution to experience Dr Lorenzana's excellent dental practise for yourself.


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