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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is "medical tourism"?
    Medical tourism is the act of traveling outside of your country for medical treatment. Due to the high cost and long wait for health care in the US and Canada, medical tourism has become one of the world's fastest growing industries.

    International hospitals offer medical treatment at a fraction of the US cost, providing individuals with a viable and timely alternative to managing their health. More than ever, people are choosing to travel abroad for affordable and immediate medical care, opting to recover in privacy while enjoying the beauty and cultural experience of another country.
  2. Why should I use believes that quality, timely and affordable health care should be available to everyone. More and more people are choosing to travel abroad for medical services, but the selection of a hospital can be difficult and confusing. is proud to take the guesswork out of the equation for our patients.

    We only align ourselves with international facilities that can meet our highly stringent set of criteria for professionalism, competency, cleanliness and safety. All staff at our partner hospitals must speak fluent English and provide us proof of training and insurance. For more on our partner hospital criteria, please visit our Hospital Criteria section. does not charge our patients for the services provided. We are paid by the hospitals and therefore can negotiate a much better price than one could negotiate on their own. In addition to arranging surgery, can organize flights, hotels, site-seeing and help with passport and visa applications. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our patients.
  3. What medical treatments are available through your company?
    Through's affiliated medical facilities, the most common medical treatments are available: orthopedic surgery, gastric surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, interventional cardiology and urogenital surgery.

    However, please let us know if the surgery you require is not listed. We will contact our hospitals and they will let us know if they will be able to perform your surgery or what options are available to you.
  4. Is medical tourism legal?
    Yes. Avoiding wait lists and high costs by opting to receive your medical treatment elsewhere is entirely up to you. It is not illegal to go outside of your country's health care system to receive treatment.
  5. How much will it cost?
    Depending on procedure and individual health needs, prices may vary. Please visit the Services section of our website and then click on the category of your surgery. From the list on the right, choose your specific surgery. Prices for the surgery in each country is available.

    To receive an estimate, please fill out our contact form. A patient care coordinator will contact you with further details.
  6. Why should I pay for something I can get for free or partially covered?
    Although your insurance or medical plan might cover the procedure, there may be a lengthy wait list or the overseas alternative may still be cheaper. You must decide whether you want to tolerate any suffering or discomfort while you wait.
  7. Is the procedure covered under any insurance plans?
    We advise that you speak with your insurance company. We do not bill insurance companies, but will provide proof of payment for your claim.
  8. Do you give medical opinions and advice?
    No. is a medical tourism company and cannot offer medical advice.
  9. Is there any correspondence with the surgeon prior to travel?
    Yes. If correspondence is requested by you, your physician or surgeon, we will make the appropriate arrangements.
  10. Do I have to tell my doctor?
    We recommend that you inform your physician of your consideration to receive medical treatment in another country. can arrange for correspondence between the surgeon and your physician if requested or required.
  11. Which medical centers can I go to?
    Currently, offers referrals to leading medical facilities in India and France. Many more countries will be available in the weeks ahead.
  12. How do I know if the hospitals and clinics you refer are accredited?
    A tremendous amount of effort has been made to research and validate the authenticity and credibility of hospitals and clinics in various countries. Please visit our Hospital Criteria section for further information on the criteria partner hospitals must meet.
  13. Do I decide where and in which hospital my procedure will take place?
    The choice is entirely up to you as to where and when you would like your surgery performed.
  14. What if I have a serious medical condition?
    Depending on individual circumstances and health, overseas travel may not be recommended by the surgeon. However, if your travel is approved, then international medical facilities may be the option for you.

    Making a timely decision for affordable medical care is crucial for serious conditions. To explore this option, simply contact us. The sooner you have all the options before you, the sooner you can receive the medical attention you need.
  15. Can I go sight-seeing?
    Yes. If you wish to tour the country you will be visiting, can assist you in making arrangements. Depending on medical procedure received, you may prefer to sight-see prior to your hospital stay.
  16. Can someone come along with me?
    Yes. Accommodations at the hospital will accommodate the patient and an accompanying guest.
  17. What language do they speak at the hospital?
    All of our partners are required to have English speaking staff at all stages of patient contact, including administrative personnel, nurses, doctors and surgeons.
  18. Is there any follow-up care once I return home?
    We recommend that patients inform their regular physician of the upcoming procedure so that they may receive their follow-up care locally. We can arrange any necessary communication between the surgeon and your physician as requested.
  19. How safe is the information that I enter on the website?
    We use the latest encryption technology available to protect all your personal information. Any information provided will not be seen by anyone not associated with
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