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Breast Reduction

Synonym: Reduction Mammoplasty

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure designed to remove excessive fat, glandular tissue, and skin from large and pendulous breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer. During Breast Reduction, the size of the areola is also reduced in proportion to the breast size. Breast Reduction is also performed in men for the correction of Gynecomastia.

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Where can I get Breast Reduction?

Country Cost with MedSolution
France $10,018 - Surgical  (inquire)
India $3,142 - Surgical  (inquire)
India $2,356 - Power Assisted Liposculpture  (inquire)
Turkey $7,200 (inquire)
Cost of procedure performed in the US: $10,000 (Surgical) and $7,200 (Power Assisted Liposculpture).
All prices are in US dollars and include the cost of the procedure and minimum hospital stay. Estimates and minimum hospital stay will vary depending upon individual needs and requirements.

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Why is Breast Reduction performed?

Breast Reduction surgery is performed to alleviate both your physical and psychological problems due to large breasts. Physical problems include upper back and neck pain and discomfort, deep and sore indentations on the shoulder from bra straps, rashes on the under surface of the breast due to sweat and moisture and difficulty finding clothes or bra that fit you well. Psychological problems include feeling self-conscious due to large breasts. All the above reasons are definite indications for Breast Reduction surgery. Breast Reduction is also performed in men who have large breasts. Although certain health conditions and medications are known to cause male breast enlargements (Gynecomastia), there is no other known cause for this problem in men.

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Who is an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction?

If you are a woman who has large, pendulous breasts and are not planning on having any more children, if you have chronic headache, upper back or neck pain, then you are an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction surgery. You have to remember to have realistic expectations before going in for Breast Reduction.

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Who is not an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction?

If your breast tissue has not completely developed, if you are planning on breast feeding, if you are a smoker, or have significant health or medical problems, such as severe diabetes or a recent heart attack, if you are on steroid or anticoagulant medication, then you are not an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction surgery.

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What does the procedure for Breast Reduction involve?

Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and may last for about three hours. There are various techniques that are performed by surgeons for Breast Reduction. The most preferred technique involves making an anchor shaped incision around your nipple and areola and following the natural crease down the under surface of your breast. Excessive glandular tissue, fat and skin are removed, the areola and nipple are reconstructed to a new position on the breast. Power Assisted Liposculpture may be used to remove extra fat from the breast and under arm area. Occasionally only Liposuction can be performed to remove excessive fat from your breasts instead of Breast Reduction, using small incisions and therefore, resulting in minimal and almost inconspicuous scarring.

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How to prepare for Breast Reduction?

All the routine screening tests including blood and urine examination, x-ray of chest as well as a mammogram will be preformed before Breast Reduction procedure. Make sure you discuss in detail all the aspects of Breast Reduction procedure i.e. description of the procedure, scars from the incision, risks involved, chances of post-operative complications, before and after photographs, all the prescription and non-prescription medications that you take including vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. These discussions will help you to make an informed decision to undergo Breast Reduction. You will be advised to eat a healthy diet and stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to Breast Reduction surgery. You will also be advised to refrain from eating or drinking anything at least 12 hours prior to Breast Reduction surgery.

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What to expect during the recovery period following Breast Reduction?

After the Breast Reduction surgery, your breast will either be covered with a dressing or you will be given a surgical bra to wear over gauze dressing. A drainage tube will be inserted which will be removed after couple of days following Breast Reduction surgery. You may be hospitalized overnight and allowed to go home the next morning. It is common to experience some pain and tenderness for the first few weeks after Breast Reduction surgery which will eventually subside. There may also be some degree of swelling or bruising. Your dressing will be removed in about 2 - 4 days however, your stitches will be removed after about 3 weeks following the Breast Reduction surgery. You will be advised to avoid lifting anything heavy or pushing for the next several weeks although, you can resume your non-strenuous daily activities with caution within a week after Breast Reduction surgery. Complete healing generally takes about 3 months after Breast Reduction surgery.

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What is the outcome of Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast Reduction surgery has a 98% success rate, mostly patients are quite pleased after undergoing the Breast Reduction surgery. Your body image will change right away, your clothes will fit you better and you will certainly love your 'new look' after undergoing Breast Reduction surgery.

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B . R . A . N . D . of Breast Reduction

Benefits of Breast Reduction

  • Breast Reduction surgery not only alleviates your anxiety of being self conscious about large, sagging breasts but it also relieves physical discomfort like chronic neck and back pain and skin rashes. Of course to say the least, Breast Reduction adds tremendously to your self confidence and self esteem as it enhances your body image and allows you to enjoy wearing clothes that you might have avoided to wear in the past. Breast Reduction also allows you freedom to enjoy sports and physical activities that might have been painful or uncomfortable due to bouncing of large and heavy breasts.
  • You can feel the breast tissue better during Breast Self Examination as the surrounding excessive fat surrounding the glands and ducts has been diminished

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Risks of Breast Reduction

  • Bleeding
  • Infection and poor healing
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Sores around the nipple that can be treated by antibiotic cream
  • Scars from surgery which fade away as time goes by.
  • Future breastfeeding - It may be difficult or not possible due to reduction in glandular tissue.
  • Permanent loss of feeling in the nipple area.
  • Slight asymmetry in the size of breasts and unevenly positioned nipples.
  • Formation of scar tissue internally which may make it difficult to interpret mammograms by the radiologist.

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Alternatives to Breast Reduction

  • Liposuction or Lipo-Breast Reduction - This procedure is sometimes used to remove excessive fat tissue from the breasts and under arm area.

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Now or Never

  • Most people who under go Breast Reduction are quite happy with the results. If you have large breasts, then Breast Reduction is the surgery of choice for you. Most women under go Breast Reduction improve their posture and relieve back pain. Since Breast Reduction is quite popular, most of the surgeons tend to use techniques that can result in minimal risk of immediate and long term complications and best possible results.

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Decision to have Breast Reduction

  • Decision to have Breast Reduction surgery is not only based on trying to improve your appearance, it can also be necessary for medical reasons. During you pre-operative consultation visit to your surgeon, he / she will explain to you all the steps that are involved in the Breast Reduction surgery. The primary indication of Breast Reduction mostly is functional however, the bonus benefit of enhanced appearance makes it worthwhile to under go Breast Reduction surgery.

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