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Thigh Lift

Synonym: Thighplasty

What is a Thigh Lift?

Thigh Lift is a procedure which is performed to remove loose and excessive (hanging) skin around your thighs and buttocks (Buttock Lift), thus to tighten them and improve it's appearance and texture. Sustained weight loss can lead to presence of excessive skin in the thigh and buttock area. Thigh Lift removes the dimpled appearance of the thigh that results from Cellulite. This is irregular dimpling of the skin, that most often appears on  the   thighs, hips, and waists of women and men alike is caused by loss of elasticity of skin and bulging of underlying superficial fat pockets.

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Where can I get a Thigh Lift?

Country Cost with MedSolution
India $2,418 (inquire)
Cost of procedure performed in the US: $7,500.
All prices are in US dollars and include the cost of the procedure and minimum hospital stay. Estimates and minimum hospital stay will vary depending upon individual needs and requirements.

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Types of Thigh Lift procedure?

There are 2 kinds of Thigh Lift procedures - Inner Thigh Lift (Medial Thigh Lift) and Outer Thigh Lift (Lateral Thigh Lift). In Inner Thigh Lift procedure, the incision is made in the inner thigh hidden in the groin crease. In Outer Thigh Lift which also includes a Buttock Lift, the incision is made extending from the groin around the back.

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Who is an ideal candidate for Thigh Lift?

If you have lost a lot of weight recently and have hanging, sagging, unsightly skin on your thighs that you would like to get rid of, if your thighs look flabby and dimpled, if you are self conscious about your lower body and would like to improve your body image, then you are an ideal candidate for Thigh Lift.

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What does the procedure of Thigh Lift involve?

The procedure for Thigh Lift is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. No prior hospitalization is necessary. For Inner Thigh Lift, smaller incisions are made extending from the inner groin crease around the buttock crease. Outer Thigh Lift require much extensive incisions and a combination of Thigh and Buttock Lift requires a much longer incision that starts in the buttock crease, extends around the groin, up over the side of the abdomen, over the flank and across the back. The procedure of Thigh Lift involves trimming away the extra skin high up on the side of the thigh and buttocks and removing excess fat from underneath it.

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How do I prepare for the Thigh Lift procedure?

Since Thigh Lift is performed as an outpatient procedure, there is no need for hospitalization however, general anesthesia is used to minimize pain and discomfort from the procedure. Your doctor will ask you to sign a consent form to perform the procedure of Thigh Lift. Make sure that you wear loose clothing when going in for Thigh Lift. Be sure to make arrangement for someone to bring you home after the Thigh Lift procedure and also to help you around the house for the next couple of days.

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What to expect during the recovery period following Thigh Lift procedure?

Your thighs will be placed in a compression garment or dressing to minimize swelling and assist in the natural shrinking of the skin, following Thigh Lift procedure. There might be some bruising, swelling and pain that will subside in about a month after Thigh Lift surgery. Do not participate in any strenuous activity for the next 4 - 6 weeks following the Thigh Lift procedure. Do not sit for long periods of time as it will increase tension on the stitches. You will be able to resume your daily activities within 4 - 6 weeks after Thigh Lift surgery.

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What is the outcome of Thigh Lift surgery?

Without a doubt, you will be delighted with the results of Thigh Lift. This procedure is successful in most of the candidates with minimum chances of complications. Provided you do not gain a lot of weight and lose it again, Thigh Lift will give you well contoured and shapely thighs for the rest of your life, of course keeping in mind that aging changes in your body are inevitable.

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B . R . A . N . D . of Thigh Lift

Benefits of Thigh Lift

  • Benefits of a Thigh Lift are not only cosmetic, it also relieves rashes on the undersurface of thighs due to moisture. Operation for Thigh Lift is normally performed in extreme cases where massive amounts of weight have been lost. Thigh Lift further adds to the weight loss and gives you smooth, firm and shapely thighs that you can be very proud of when wearing a bathing suit. Thigh Lift also removes the dimpled look due to cellulite.

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Risks of Thigh Lift

Major complications following Thigh Lift are rare. However, there is a possibility that the following minor post-operative complications may occur which do not affect the outcome (results) of Thigh Lift procedure:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Infection at the incision site
  • Bleeding
  • Delayed healing of scars
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia

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Alternatives to Thigh Lift

  • Liposuction - Circumferential Liposuction of the thigh, also known as Thigh Liposculpture is certainly an attractive alternative to loosing extra fat on your thighs. However, it will not get rid of the hanging, sagging skin on your thighs. Thigh Lift is normally performed in conjunction with circumferential Liposuction / Liposculpture.

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Now or Never

  • Thigh Lift is a widely performed procedure on both men and women. The benefits of Thigh Lift far out weigh the minor risks that do not affect it's outcome. There is no better time than 'NOW' to enjoy the pleasures of looking good that accompany the pain of Thigh Lift procedure.

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Decision to have Thigh Lift

  • The specific risks and the suitability of Thigh Lift for you can be determined at the time of pre-operative consultation by your physician and anesthetist. Thigh Lift can most certainly provide a 'Psychological Lift' by enhancing your body image and can make heads turn! So take the first step and go for it!

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