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Gastric Surgery

Gastric Surgery is an operation which is performed on the stomach. The most common Gastric Surgery performed is to achieve and maintain weight loss in severely obese (overweight) individuals. The goal of these weight loss or Bariatric Surgeries is to reduce the size of stomach by dividing it into 2 small pouches and connecting one of the pouch to the intestine. This way the capacity of the stomach is reduced and it can hold less food. As a result, a feeling of fullness is attained quickly, your appetite decreases, your calorie intake decreases and you start to loose weight.

The idea of these operations is that you will eat less, feel full more quickly, remain full longer and, therefore, ingest fewer calories. As time goes by after the operation, the stomach pouch, which was made initially to have a capacity of 1 ounce, will increase slightly in size to maintain consistency in your food intake and weight loss.

Where can I get Gastric Surgery?

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