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Egg Donation

An egg donation is a woman provides several eggs (ova, oocytes) for another person or couple who want to have a child. Egg donation involves the process of in vitro fertilization as the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory. The role of the egg donor is completed after the eggs have been obtained. Egg donation is part of the process of third party reproduction.

Egg donors are recruited, screened, and give consent prior to participation in the IVF process. Some patients bring their own, designated donors, while other patients rely on the services of often anonymous donors typically recruited by egg donor agencies or, sometimes, IVF programs.

Once the egg donor is recruited, she undergoes the IVF stimulation therapy, followed by the egg retrieval procedure. After retrieval, the ova are handed over to the recipient couple, fertilized by the sperm of the male partner in the laboratory, and after several days, the resulting embryo(s) is placed in the uterus of the recipient.

Where can I get Egg Donation?

Country Cost with MedSolution
Turkey $12,000 (inquire)
All prices are in US dollars and include the cost of the procedure and minimum hospital stay. Estimates and minimum hospital stay will vary depending upon individual needs and requirements.

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