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Orthopedic (Bone & Joints) Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery is a specialty which deals with the correction of injuries or disorders of the musculo-skeletal system i.e. bones and associated muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Diseases and injuries affecting the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints impact nearly millions of people of all ages. These disorders cause pain and disability, and often force you to make lifestyle changes. Accidents, athletic injuries, arthritis and bone cancer are some of the disorders affecting the musculo-skeletal system that impact a variety of patients.

When pain in the joint and mobility limitation interferes with your ability to enjoy life and perform your daily activities, surgery may be a welcome option. Such a decision requires an understanding of the risks and benefits of surgery, the types of surgery that are available and the alternative treatments. The foremost step toward making this decision is to discuss the pros and cons of surgery with your doctor, as well as whether surgery is advisable and feasible for you. If alternative treatment options have not improved your quality of life, then you may be ready to consider Orthopedic Surgery.

Where can I get Orthopedic Surgery?

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