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Waiting to be Discovered

El Salvador offers many contrasts packed into the smallest country in Central America. Due to the small size of the country, a tourist can see dramatic changes in landscape in just a couple of hours.

Since the end of the war, the country has had dramatic growth in tourism . Over the past few years tourism has grown at an astounding 30% per year, as tourism infrastructure has been created. International resorts, hotel chains and excellent restaurants have opened, and more are on the way. In 2001 El Salvador adopted the US dollar as its national currency, leading to more perceived stability.


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Much of the country is mountains, and there are more than 25 inactive volcanoes in El Salvador. Even if you are going only to the capital San Salvador, you can see a volcano up close - a local restaurant is located inside an extinct volcano.

In high central plains coffee plantations are the main economy and plantation tours are also available. Altitudes drop dramatically down to the south coast, running 184 miles along the Pacific Ocean, where sun, sand, world-class surfing and deep-sea fishing are the attractions. Options include staying with a local family in certain areas of the country including the ‘thousand islands' coastal area in the south.

MedSolution can arrange a variety of city or rural tours with accredited tour agent Shuttles n Tours, who also provides comfortable air-conditioned shuttle bus services for San Salvador 's best hotels, and can even arrange for a driver for your stay.

If it's city life you want, capital San Salvador has clubs, some excellent restaurants, modern shopping malls, museums, and more. As in any large city, tourists should stay in recommended areas.


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Photos courtesy Ministerio de Turismo ES

El Salvador also enjoys its share of Mayan history including pyramids and other structures and artifacts, some still waiting to be discovered.

Other historical attractions include the beautiful colonial buildings of Santa Ana, a short drive northwest of San Salvador.


Near San Salvador

Lago de Ilopango

Formed in a giant volcano crater, the lake is 15 km long, 8 km wide and 248 metres deep, the largest lake in El Salvador. It is also just 20 minutes from San Salvador and a popular weekend spot for fishing, boating and swimming. Fresh lake fish is a local speciality in the many restaurants rimming the lake in the village, and there are a few hotels and an increasing number of cottages.

Photo courtesy Ministerio de Turismo ES

Los Chorros

Los Chorros is a series of large, refreshing natural pools fed, one pool to the next, by clear spring water from overhanging volcanic cliffs. This site is part of the Turicentros program and a favorite day trip for people from San Salvador as well as visitors. Visit during the week for complete relaxation.

Panchimalco Indian Village

According to historians, its name in Nahuat language means "site of flags and shields". The village site is located in a picturesque geological depression and archaeological finds indicate that it was an important area during pre-Colombian times. There is an interesting colonial church here that dates from 1725 and has been classified a national historical monument.

La Laguna Botanical Garden

Perhaps the only garden in the world to be located in the crater of an extinct volcano. The 7 acre garden centers around a small lagoon centered in the crater's bottom and is surrounded on the slopes by dense woods which act as windbrakes. For more than a century Salvadoreans have devoted themselves to making these gardens a place of beauty showcasing rare species of local and foreign plants.

Beaches on the Pacific

El Salvador has more than 300 kilometers of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean, boasting 45 distinct beaches, running from northwest to southeast. In the southern part of the country, closer to the equator, temperatures can reach over 30 Celsius (close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

The country's potential has been recognized by resort developer Decameron Resorts, which welcomes millions of tourists each year to its all-inclusive resort about 90 minutes from San Salvador.

El Salavador has two of the best beaches for surfing: El Sunzal and La Paz beaches. Other popular surfing areas are El Zonte, La Perla and Punta Mango. Most of these surfing destinations are in the south.

The Gulf of Fronseca, in the Department of La Union, has waters shared with Honduras and Nicaragua. Here is the Island of Meanguera, and many otehr smaller islands, which are reached by boats that leave from the Port of La Union.

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Photos courtesy Ministerio de Turismo ES



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