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Visa Requirements for India

Visa and passportVisas

Indian Tourist Visas are valid for six months from the date of issue. If you wish to extend your stay, three-month extensions are routinely issued at the Foreigners' Registration Offices in all metropolitan cities. They are also available through all state and district capitals at the office of the Superintendent of Police.

Your passport should have a minimum validity of six months beyond the date of departure from India. If the visa being applied for is other than Tourist Visa, the visa application should include supporting documents for the type of visa applied for.

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For the purpose of customs clearance of arriving passengers, a two-channel system has been adopted in India. The Green Channel is for passengers with nothing to declare. The Red Channel is for passengers with goods to declare.

Green Channel CustomsRed Channel Customs

A tourist arriving in India is allowed clearance free of duty articles in his/her bona fide baggage to the extent mentioned below:

1) Used personal effects and travel souvenirs if

a) These goods are for personal use of the tourist, and

b) These goods, other than those consumed during the stay in India, are re- exported when the tourist leaves India for a foreign destination.

2) Articles up to a value of Rs-8000 for gifts.

Indian customs require you to declare goods in excess of the free allowance. Please note that Indian currency may not be brought into India or taken out of India (by non-residents). If you are carrying in excess of $2500US (cash only) you must declare it upon arrival. You may not export foreign currency exceeding amount held upon arrival.

In case baggage is lost or mishandled by the airlines, a simplified procedure is in place for clearance of such baggage. The airlines will have this baggage delivered to you. There is no need to handover passport or baggage keys. Simply complete the custom declaration form, allowing the airline to complete formalities when baggage arrives. The passenger must obtain a certificate to that effect from the airline and get it countersigned by Customs indicating specifically the unutilized portion of the free allowance. This ensures the portion of the duty free allowance is available when baggage arrives.

We advise all travelers make themselves aware of all restricted and prohibited goods for import/export. Attempted import/export of such goods can lead to penal consequences and arrest.

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