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Polish Cuisine

Many restaurants offer Polish regional cuisine. Polish meals start with przekaski (starters), such as marinated fish in sour cream, salted and rolled herring fillets with pickles and onions, kulebiak (a large mushroom and cabbage pastry) or Polish sausages such as kabanos or mysliwska. Try the Polish specialties, such as bigos made with sauerkraut, fresh cabbage, onions and any variety of meat.

Soups are usually rich and very thick. Soups such as barszcz (beetroot soup) or rosol (beef or chicken bullion) are often served in cups with small, hot pies stuffed with meat or cabbage.

If Polish cuisine does not appeal to your pallet, there are other various types of food readily available such as American, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Russian. Vegetarians will also find vegetarian meals without difficulty.

Be sure to tip 10% at restaurants and hotels as tips are not included in the receipt.

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