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Currency Exchange

Turkish New Lira

As of January 2005, Turkey omitted six zeros from their currency and is now called Turkish New Lira. Therefore 20 million TL is 20 YTL(new lira).

Coins come in denominations of 5 kurus, 10 kurus, 25 kurus, 50 kurus and 1 YTL. Bills come in denominations of 1 YTL, 5 YTL, 10 YTL, 20 YTL, 50 YTL and 100 YTL.

Automated Teller Machines can be widely found throughout Turkey, so it is best to carry as little cash on you as possible. Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants and most merchants. Travelers’ cheques are also accepted, but not as widely as credit cards.

There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Turkey, but not more than $5,000 worth of Turkish currency may be brought into or taken out of the country.

The exchange slips for the conversion of foreign currency into Turkish lira should be kept, since you may be required to show these when reconverting your Turkish lira back into foreign currency, and when taking souvenirs out of the country, to prove that they have been purchased with legally exchanged foreign currency.


Currency Converter

Determine the conversion of any currency to Turkish New Lira with this online currency converter.


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