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Visa Requirements for Turkey

U.S. Citizens

A visa is required for all U.S. citizens entering Turkey. U.S. citizens may obtain their visas upon entry in Turkey ($26 for single entry) or in advance from one of the Turkish consulates around the U.S. Please see the list of the Turkish consulates for your state.

The tourist visa is valid for a year starting from the issue date. There are two different visa types. With a single entry visa, you can enter Turkey only once and stay up to three months. Multiple entry visa, on the other hand allows you to enter and exit the country more than once within one year period specified on your passport and you can stay in Turkey for three months each time.

Visas given at entry points are valid only for three months. Therefore, visas must be obtained in advance for longer stays.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian Citizens can obtain a multiple-entry sticker visa at the Turkish International Border Gates to stay in Turkey for a maximum period of three months. If the planned stay exceeds three months, the visa must be obtained in advance by applying personally to Turkish Embassy in Ottawa.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Non-U.S. citizens need to apply for their tourist or business visas in advance BEFORE going to Turkey. Applicants should directly contact a Turkish Consulate in person or by mail.

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